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Chapter 48

  • Maija
  • “The British empire dismantled China through the use of opium.” I yawn as Professor Stewart drones on in my history class. I look at the clock the millionth time waiting for four o'clock so I can leave and get home to my baby, who's home alone because he doesn’t have class today.   We made plans to lay in bed all day, and I am really looking forward to it since I have not seen him in a day, having spent last night with the girls. Okay, it hasn’t been long, but a day feels like a lifetime, and I can’t live without my honey’s kisses.
  • “Why did Britain choose this method, Maija?”
  • “Huh?” I look up, confused after hearing my name. Professor Stewart looks at me with a face marred with disappointment, he's been catching me daydreaming lately, and he seems upset about it. But I can't help that Zayne fills my head most of the day and all night. Luckily, my classes are easy, so I don't have to pay attention all the time. Professor Stewart stares at me before sighing; I hate disappointing him since he is my favorite professor. Since last semester, we have been close when he taught me American History, and I would often go to his office to talk about politics and anything under the sun. But now that I’m happily in love, I don’t have the time to stop by. 
  • “Ms. Cesar, your head seems to be in the clouds since the beginning of the semester.” He frowns. I glance at the whiteboard at the question and immediately begin to answer.
  • “The British were experiencing a trade imbalance because of the demand for Chinese tea and silk in Europe, but Europe had nothing the Chinese people wanted until the increasing demand for opium in China. So the British took over the opium trade to get the upper hand.” I finish and smile at him, which he returns. 
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