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Chapter 44

  • Zayne
  • We arrive back at the house a little after six after stopping for dinner at a burger joint in town. We enter the house, all laughing as Maija and I recount getting chased by security for a second time. I grab Maija as soon as we step through the door and scoop her in my arms. She smiles as our lips meet.
  • “Ugh, get a room,” Santana shouts as we pull away. I rub my nose on hers and kiss her forehead.
  • “I like the sound of that, my love. What do you say?”
  • “Shouldn’t we at least spend some time together? I don’t know, maybe watch movies?” I groan when Samantha suggests this. I am about to protest, but Kenya chimes in before I can.
  • “We spent the day together, Sam. I am tired and sweaty, and all I want to do is take a shower and cuddle with my teddy bear.” I nod along, agreeing with every word, super grateful that I won't have to share Maija with them for some lame two-hour movie. I know I am not her favorite person but, she seems like a decent girl, and Jade is really into her. 
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