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Chapter 4

  • Zayne
  • I sneak a glance every chance I can to observe her, she looks at me twice, but her face still registers the indifference of earlier. She’s an interesting one, I must admit. I chuckle, recalling her comment about the marriage not lasting. Although I feel the same way, she says it out loud, which means she has some balls.
  • “We’re about to turn in. What are you kids getting up to tonight?” My father asks as we finish the last slices of pizza.
  • “I think I’ll finish the book I started a couple of days ago,” she replies Who reads on a Friday night?
  • “Nerd,” I shout, hoping she would turn that beautiful face my way again and speak to me, but she doesn’t respond or glance at me.
  • “Zayne’s right, Maija. I love that you love reading just like your father used to, but it’s your last summer before college. You should have some fun.”
  • “Reading is fun, mom.” Carolyn looks at her and sighs. This girl isn’t just beautiful and smart but also very stubborn. I bite my lips, imagining how fun it will be watching her twist with pleasure once she’s in my bed.
  • “What are you doing tonight, Zayne?” Carolyn asks just as I’m imagining sinking my dick into her daughter.
  • “Zayne?”
  • “Uh, nothing special, meeting some friends later.” I finally manage to say.
  • “You should take Maija with you.”
  • “Mom.” Maija glares at Carolyn. Am I that reprehensible to her that she would rather read than spend time with me? I smirk. I’ll enjoy getting in your panties stepsis. I feel my erection trying to rip through my pants. I really need to sink my shaft into someone tonight; luckily, I made plans with Sienna earlier.
  • “Please, Zayne, it would mean the world to me,” my new stepmother insists. Her smile fills me with warmth and comfort so much that I almost want to honor her wish. Although I am super horny, I can wait a day and see Sienna tomorrow. I would need a long cold shower beforehand, but it could work. I groan, intending to agree, but Maija has other plans, and it seems that it does not include being around me.
  • “Mom, mom, he clearly has plans to have sex with someone. Are you really trying to make me cockblock my new brother?”
  • “Maija,” Carolyn shouts while Dad’s and my face mar with shock. Maija shows no sign of remorse.
  • “Mom, I told you I plan to read tonight. As for Zayne.” My shaft pulsates as my name rolls off her tongue. She stands up, walks to the staircase, and smiles.
  • “Booty Calls,” she says, then runs upstairs before her mother can respond. I chuckle and shake my head; I can add blunt to the list of character traits for my sexy stepsister. I stand quickly, making my escape. I make my way out of the house and into the Jag because, as Maija said, duty calls for my booty call.
  • *********
  • Sienna straddles me as we get ready for another round. We’ve done it three times already, which is my usual max, but tonight I’m insatiable. I keep picturing Maija riding my shaft, and it makes me get hard within minutes of coming. I crave her as I have never craved. Those lips I want wrapping around my shaft, her thighs I want to bury face between. I start pounding faster as I imagine her moaning my name. Fuck. I pound again as a massive orgasm crashes through me. Breathing heavily, I collapse beside Sienna.
  • “Babe, that was amazing,” Sienna says beside me. I mumble as my mind wanders back to Maija, she’s probably curled up in bed with her book right now. What I wouldn’t give to be curled up with her right now, buried balls deep, I groan as I feel myself getting hard again.
  • “Babe, babe, babe?” Sienna shakes me from my thoughts.
  • “Huh?”
  • “You weren’t listening to me,” she whines. “You’re such a dick. As soon as you cum you forget my existence.” I scoff. Here she goes with the b.s. I was clearly thinking of something else; all she has to do is repeat herself, but no, she would rather bitch and annoy me. I sit up immediately. I don’t have the patience to listen to this tonight. I climb out of bed and pull on my clothes.
  • “Where the hell do you think you’re going?
  • “Home, I’ll text you later.”
  • “Zayne, if you walk out, I’ll never sleep with you again.” I nod as I close the door behind me. She always acts like this, but she always calls when she needs her fix. I have more pressing problems to worry about– like how I’ll survive with the summer if I can’t seduce my stepsister.