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Chapter 31

  • I’m on facetime with my friends, telling them about Zayne's confession after asking him why he stopped coming home. I know I said I wanted to leave it in the past, but he keeps telling me how much he loves me, and today he says it was love at first sight, which made my heart feel as if it would burst. I’m glad the train stopped then because I was so close to telling him I love him too. Even while standing in the rain, all I could think about was how much I love him. But then it dawned on me if it was love at first sight, why didn’t he ever confess? Why did he stop coming home after kissing me? I had to know, so I asked the question I told myself I would never ask. The truth shattered me to the core; he left because3 of me. Because I lied and told him our first kiss meant nothing because I didn’t realize I was in love with him and kept Danuel around to cope with the pain. Two years living without him was all my fault The pain and hurt we both went through without the other knowing was all my fault. Even how hurt he must be now is my fault because he doesn’t know I love him. I can’t tell him because I can’t leave Danuel to be with him when Danuel has been so good to me.
  • “What do you want to do?” Samantha asks.
  • “I’m with Danuel,” I state, and they all nod, understanding what I am choosing to do.
  • “You should do what makes you happy. If you love Zayne, chose him. I like Danuel, but you are not obligated to stay with him for the rest of your life because he wiped away a few tears.” Santana offers her advice, but it was more than a few tears. How can I just up and leave him?
  • “I say you should stay with Danuel, he is cute, and he loves you. Plus, he doesn’t run away when things get tough.” Kenya counters. I ponder their contrasting arguments, they both made valid points, but I already chose to stay with Danuel.
  • “I got the towels?” Zayne announces, and all my friends fall silent.
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