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Chapter 10

  • Maija
  • I climb the staircase annoyed with Mom and Zayne. I am eighteen years old, why should they decide what I can or cannot wear? I exhale sharply as I enter my room. What do I wear now? I really like this dress, and my date will arrive soon.
  • “The best way to get over one man is to get under another.” I smile as I walk to my closet and pull the first dress I see. I quickly change into my new dress. It is a strapless dress but knee-length, so mom and that one should not have an issue with it. One more look in the mirror, smoothing my dress, and I am ready for my date. My date is a hot guy I met on Tinder, Danuel.  I am so excited to be going on a date with someone who is not my stepbrother. I clench my thighs as the memory of him licking my palm comes back to mind. The last week has been torture. I can barely focus on getting any reading done because all I can think about is him. I have been using Benny tirelessly, but it does not satisfy my lust. I want him deep inside me, pounding me mercilessly as I convulse with pleasure. I bite my lip as my nipples strain against the thin fabric of my dress. I sigh. I must remain firm– I cannot succumb to this lust. I can have sex with him only when our parent’s marriage ends and not a moment before. However, Mom and Charles are still in the honeymoon phase, so this may be a long wait.
  • “I can outlast this marriage.” At least I hope I can because the way Zayne makes me feel... No, I must stop thinking about him. I do not like him. I cannot like him. This attraction is simply a result of a six-month dry spell and his handsome face and body. Plus, we live together. Of course a hot guy in my house walking around shirtless in grey sweatpants would make me wet. Zayne is not special, and I am sure that I will forget about him after my date with Danuel today. I nod my head, grab my favorite red lipstick, retouch my lips, shove it in my purse, and walk out of my room. I quickly descend the stairs and make my way to the den.
  • “Is this fine, Mom?” Mom shifts her head from the TV, scans my outfit from head to, and smiles.
  • “Great, you look beautiful.”
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