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Chapter 30

  • For the next couple of days, we visit restaurants, museums, and manga shops together as a family or with just Maija and me. As of today, we have been in Japan for eleven days, and Maija and I have been inseparable, although she has maintained some distance, so we don’t end up as we did back at the club. We were basically making love on the floor; well, I know I was. I don’t know what she was feeling. She did kiss me back as fervently as I kissed her in the club. It felt like she wanted it as desperately as I did; however, maybe it was due to the alcohol, although she didn’t seem drunk. I sigh, remembering the warmth of her lips. They are still as sweet as they were two years ago, maybe sweeter. I groan, wishing I had to right to kiss them every day. However, I don’t, and based on her indifferent reaction to me telling her I love her, it does not look like our hearts will be connected any time soon.
  • I groan, recalling the blank indifference on her face when I let it slip that I loved her... I didn’t mean to say it, but I was so stunned hearing Japanese flow so beautifully from those sweet lips. I thought that she is so unique, which is why I love her; however, instead of just thinking about it, I said it to her. Well, at least she pretended she didn’t hear instead of rejecting me. I don’t think I could handle one of those ‘I love you like a brother” chats; I would be on the first flight out of here. Although I suspect she doesn’t feel brotherly towards me. How else would you explain that kiss? She may not love me, but that sexual attraction from two summers ago is certainly still there.  I grin as I close my eyes and sink into my bed, allowing my mind to drift back to the night at the club. Our bodies grinding on each other, my skin hot, my heart racing. The taste of her skin when I nibbled her neck and finally those lips that taste like sweet persimmons. What I wouldn’t give to have them pressed against me right now. A little guilt pricks my stomach because I know I said I would focus on being friends, which I still am going to do, but I can still secretly enjoy the taste of her lips. Can’t I?
  • “Klein.” The smooth melody of her voice hits me, and I sigh. I got it so bad I'm hearing her voice when she’s not around. I don’t know if I will ever be over her.
  • “Klein!” My eyes shoot open, realizing that her voice isn’t in my head; she’s here. I look at her smooth curvy thighs and groan. She clears her throat, which forces me to stop admiring her body and look at her face.
  • “Maija, why do you keep calling me Klein?” I groan as I sit up in the bed. She shrugs and smiles without answering, but I already know why. Since the night we kissed, she has been doing it, and I suspect it’s because she wants to put some distance between us.
  • “So, what’s up?”
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