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Chapter 35

  • Jade 
  • I sit on the rock with this beautiful girl beside me, I first saw her two years ago and wanted to talk to her, but of course, I was more focused on my idiotic friend finding love than myself. Even now, I can’t focus on her like I want to because of those two dolts on the beach. I glance over at Maija sitting beside Zayne and sigh, a blind man can see how much they love each other, yet they refuse— well, she refuses to admit it.
  • “So, your philosophy on love Maija was….” I hear Kenya say, but I’m still looking at Zayne as he pushes her hair behind her ear. Kiss her, you coward! I scream internally, ugh, it is going to be a lot of work getting these together.
  • “Jade…Jade?” I snap my head back to the girl that should have all my attention but doesn’t because Zayne can’t get his shit right.
  • “I’m sorry I haven’t been paying attention,” I admit truthfully, believing that honesty is best for a healthy relationship.
  • “Do you want me to go?” Her smile drops, shit now she thinks I don’t like her. I should punch Zayne twice for making me ignore her. One punch for him and the other one because I can’t punch Maija.
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