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Chapter 2

  • I drive up to the house and there's a moving truck parked in the driveway. Mommy dearest moves in today I assume. I scoff, I cannot believe Dad married some random woman in Vegas. I park my car, hop out and stroll up to the door.
  • “Maija is the truck empty?” A woman asks as she unpacks a box in the living room. She looks up and I’m face to face with a beautiful African American woman. Not my father's usual type, he usually dates twenty-year-old models who try to get in my bed once he’s out of town. She looks at me with confusion before it turns into a smile.
  • “Zayne?” I nod in response. “I’m Carolyn.”
  • I grunt unwilling to speak to this woman I know nothing about, but that does not deter her. She reaches in and hugs me before I can protest.
  • “Your father brags about you all the time.”
  • “Funny, he never mentions you,” I mumble under my breath, but loud enough for her to hear. She ignores my little remark and continues hugging me before releasing me slowly. I look at the woman, confused as she smiles warmly at me. Is this an act? She does not have to be nice to me for my father’s sake. I’m a college student who is never home, so there is no need to pretend.
  • “Anything I can do?” I ask shifting uncomfortably under her warm gaze. I was used to women looking at me like they wanted to rip my clothes off, but having lost my mother when I was 5, this look of affection was not one that I am familiar, or comfortable, with. She tilts her head to the side, studying me and then the room.
  • “No, we got it, you should relax. You must be exhausted since you just got back.” She smiles warmly at me again and for some reason, I feel like I’m being wrapped up in her arms.
  • “Your father is upstairs you should go say hi. He really missed you these last couple of months.”  I nod, She busies herself emptying boxes. I scan the room analyzing all the boxes left to unpack. I count around fifteen. I really should help, I wasn’t exhausted since I arrived state side two weeks ago. However, I’m not feeling particularly helpful today.
  • “Ok,” I replied, turning to the staircase. I climb a couple of steps before my phone starts vibrating.
  • Babe, are you coming over tonight? I smile as I read the message from Sienna. Just what I need after meeting the new family. I reply with promises of multiple orgasms before slipping the phone back into my pocket. I take another step but feel myself collide with something soft and fragrant. I grunt before looking at whoever ran me over in my own home. A dark skin girl, brown eyes, pouty lips covered in red, looks up at me. She parts her lips slightly as if she is about to speak, and that’s all it takes for the image of parting her lips with my shaft to fill my head. Our eyes remain locked for a moment, mine filled with lust and hers reflecting cool indifference, but she doesn’t pull away.
  • “I see you two have met. Zayne, this is Maija, your stepsister.” I figured she would be Carolyn’s daughter, but the fact that she is my stepsister and should be off-limits does not register one bit as I imagine what she would look like on her knees before me.
  • “Zayne, nice to meet you,” she says, her voice sounding like a beautiful melody. She presses her body against my chest while I whisper a silent prayer hoping that my manhood behaves itself. After a hug I consider way too short, she pulls away, smiles, and makes her way down the staircase, my eyes following her body.  Thick chocolate thighs, her round buttocks highlighting her tiny waist with ample breasts. I have never been with a girl like her before, having stuck to blondes or brunettes all my life, but I’m beginning to believe I have been missing out on something great.  Dad clears his throat and looks at me. He must know what I’m thinking, but he doesn’t say anything. You would think he would tell me to keep my hands off his new daughter. He approaches me and hugs me, I guess he adopted the hugging bug from his new little family. I return his hug and smile at him. I did miss the old man even though I’ll never admit it.
  • “It’s good to see you.”
  • “Good to see you too, dad.” He grins as we part.
  • “Have you met Carolyn?” I nod. “Great, help us unpack.”
  • “Sure, why not.” Suddenly feeling very helpful, I hurry after him so I can get another look at my lovely new stepsister.