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Chapter 957 Isabelle’s Call

  • Realizing who was calling her, Sophia was startled as she stared at the screen.
  • Isabelle wasn’t a close friend who would call her up to have a casual chat, so she had to have an ulterior motive for making this call.
  • Sophia intentionally ignored the call because she knew that Isabelle would make another call.
  • As expected, Isabelle called her for the second time. Sophia picked it up and said in a languid voice, “Yes, Miss Bailey?”
  • Isabelle smiled and said in a pretentiously calm voice, “Miss Gwendolyn, I’m sorry for calling you at this hour. Due to business matters, I get into contact with John pretty frequently these days. When I left the Constance Residence that day, I didn’t get to bid you farewell. Thinking back, I find my behavior really impolite, so I’d like to offer you my apology.”
  • Sophia suppressed her laugh. This is getting interesting. It has been a few days since the gathering. Why would she wait for such a long time and mention this to me suddenly? Putting on a mirthless laugh, she said, “If you never mentioned this, I would have forgotten about it.”
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