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Chapter 956 A Good Night’s Sleep

  • This was the first time Isabelle would describe herself as pitiful. Unable to sleep anymore, she left her room in an attempt to go downstairs to get a bottle of wine.
  • Reaching the staircase, she suddenly stopped in her tracks because someone was entering the house at that instance. Startled for a moment, she then reflexively moved to the side to hide.
  • After that person stepped into the living room, he waited for a bit before turning on the light. Instead of going upstairs, the person took a seat on the couch.
  • Isabelle stuck out her head and realized that the person was her father. He was clad in tracksuits, so he appeared younger than his usual self. However, his gray hair was an indication of his old age.
  • Seated on the couch, Old Mr. Bailey placed his palms on his knees and took a rest. A while later, he fished out his phone from his pocket and started texting a message.
  • With a frown, Isabelle couldn’t understand why her father had gone out in the middle of the night.
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