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Chapter 923 John’s Distress

  • At this moment, John’s phone vibrated twice, so he took it out and looked at it before getting up. He said to Sophia, "I'll go to the study room. You should sleep early. I need to take care of something."
  • Sophia didn't look at him either as she grunted. "Carry on with your work.”
  • Then, John left the room. After a few seconds, Sophia put down the phone and pulled a long face.
  • This jerk is giving me an attitude today! I suppose it has really been a long time since I’ve dealt with him. Now, he’s forgotten where he stands!
  • She got up to wash, then came back to the bed and turned off the lights. There was nothing particularly interesting on the phone, so she might as well sleep.
  • Meanwhile, John didn't stay in the study for too long. He only made two phone calls, read two messages, and then checked a few documents sent by his subordinates.
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