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Chapter 828 The Man’s Name

  • Sophia asked John if he wanted to have lunch with her. Knowing what she was trying to do, John smiled and asked for her location. After Sophia told him her location, John said, “I’m going with my dad.”
  • Amused, Sophia replied, “That’s great.”
  • After the call ended, she turned to look at Matilda and the man, who were still trying to choose a suitable curtain. They look like a couple trying to choose a piece of furniture for their home. I’m curious to know how William will react when he sees this. It’s so exciting! Sophia thought.
  • Meanwhile, Matilda and the man still couldn’t decide which one to buy. As a woman, she would naturally want to compare prices between a few shops before she could make a decision.
  • Walking over, Sophia said, “Oh, it’s the afternoon now. Why don’t we have lunch first? We can come back later.”
  • The man took a look at the time. “Oh, it’s lunch time now.” Turning to Matilda, he asked, “Shall we have lunch now?”
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