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Chapter 777 Yolanda’s Visit

  • Sophia leaned back in the chair. “When I met Madam Bloom for the first time, I thought she was quite sophisticated.”
  • Nodding in agreement, Old Mrs. Constance uttered, “When she was younger, she was a gorgeous woman. Coupled with her good nature, she naturally had a lot of admirers.”
  • Sophia was a little curious. “Then why is she divorced? Her ex-husband should be in love with her, right? How could he bear to get a divorce?”
  • Old Mrs. Constance thought for a while. “I heard that her ex-husband cheated on her, and she caught him in the act. She’s a decisive woman, and despite the man begging her to stay, she walked away and never looked back. She was determined to go through with the divorce. They had a child, but the child was old enough, and the divorce didn’t bring much negative impact either. After that, she lived alone.”
  • After a long pause, Sophia nodded. “She hasn’t had an easy life either.”
  • Old Mrs. Constance agreed.
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