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Chapter 765 Matilda’s Change

  • Fabian agreed. “Take me with you. I wanna go and see who’s so bold to mess with you.”
  • William, who had rushed upstairs, barged into Matilda’s room.
  • When Sophia and Ms. Cannon saw this, they packed up and left the room tactfully.
  • Matilda originally wanted to get up, but she realized that it wasn’t her injury that hurt; it was her entire back. She grunted with pain and lay back down again. Chuckling bitterly to herself, she said to William, “Forget it. I’m not gonna be courteous and get up. I'll just lie here like this.”
  • William went over, checked her injury and asked, “Does it hurt?”
  • Matilda shrugged. “How can it not hurt? But it’s tolerable.”
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