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Chapter 717 I’ve Never Cheated

  • Instead, Sophia merely rolled over and found another comfortable position. Frankly, she was already awakened by John, and she was now only resting with her eyes closed.
  • Slouching over her, John muttered something so softly, as though he was speaking to himself but also telling it to her at the same time. “Grandma had the dates checked and found a good day to have a marriage registration. She said that marriages on that day will be lasting. Even though I’m not a superstitious person, I would like to register our marriage on that day to have an auspicious start.” He sighed. “I know that you’re unwilling and you can’t forgive me in such a short span of time. And I also know that I hadn’t treated you well before, but I’ve never, ever cheated on you. From the beginning until the end, between Isabelle and I, there was only the arranged engagement and nothing else.” His voice was gentle and soft as he continued, “Even after the divorce, I wasn’t thinking of getting together with her. At that time, I was confused and merely wanted to live the best of my life. I didn’t consider having a fresh start with anyone. You have to believe me that I’ve never lied to you.”
  • Pursing her lips, Sophia listened to every word he said.
  • John stroked her belly and murmured, “Can you please give me a chance to make up for my mistakes?”
  • Releasing a heavy breath, she finally spoke, but she wasn’t commenting on anything he had said. “I can’t even nap in peace. You’re getting more and more annoying, John.”
  • Her words took him by surprise and he broke into a light chuckle. Sliding himself next to her, he appeared happy as he said, “You’ve been awake this whole while and heard everything I said, haven’t you? I’m telling you that everything I said is true. I’ve never, ever cheated on you.” Then, he snuggled closer to her and gave her a kiss. “You weren’t this heartless back then, Sophia. Look how upset I’ve become.”
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