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Chapter 597 I’m Staying

  • When John came in that time, he was greeted by the sight of Sophia dead to the world on the sofa, appearing as though something tragic had happened to her. Later on, she didn’t respond no matter how he tried rousing her, so he almost carried her out to the car before heading to the hospital.
  • Sophia didn’t say anything. Since she was starving, she didn’t disdain the soup he made and slowly drank it. As she was all sweaty when she’d finished the soup, she then ordered him, “Go out. I want to take a shower.”
  • This time, John didn’t argue with her, merely taking the bowl from her before leaving. Locking the door behind him, Sophia then promptly took a shower. Ah, I’ve finally washed the weariness off me!
  • After she came out, she changed and stood by the window. While toweling her hair, she gazed at John who was in the courtyard, watering the plants with a serious expression on his face. This is a picture that would’ve never manifested in the past. In his life back then, it seemed that work was the only thing that existed for him. I actually did a lot of things to win his favor, but he either didn’t care or didn’t notice it. He mostly preferred to turn a blind eye to the mundane things of everyday life. Thus, she was truly astounded to see him presently watering the plants seriously and even cooking. It seems that he has finally gotten a taste of the masses at this time.
  • She then opened the window. Propping herself by the windowsill, she gazed out.
  • Meanwhile, John spotted her as soon as he looked up after watering the plants. Sophia wasn’t looking at him but gazing out at the horizon in the distance, her hair that was still damp falling casually around her. She looks quite beautiful at this moment. His head remained lifted as he stared at her intently, a smile playing on his lips.
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