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Chapter 564 If That’s Love, It’s Just Heartbreaking

  • Gazing at the picture on the grave, Sophia said, “I had a dream last night. Grandpa was in my dream, and so were you.”
  • With a sneer, Matilda jeered, “I guess it was a bad dream after all.”
  • “Indeed.” Sophia sighed. “I dreamed of you scolding me, blaming me for not being able to bring any blessings into the family. Not only did John have to be involved in this, but Grandpa didn't even get better.”
  • These words were the exact phrases which Matilda had repeatedly used against Sophia.
  • Thinking about it, Matilda asked, "Does John know you're here?"
  • "Nope." Glancing at the mountains at afar, Sophia reckoned it was a scenic view here, and it somehow calmed one's soul.
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