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Chapter 501 I Don’t Remember Making Any Enemy

  • While Matilda only reacted with silence, John patiently waited for her to respond. Soon, she chuckled and said, “John, is that woman really more important than your own mother? Am I seriously the first suspect that comes to your mind? Are you going to assume that it’s my fault every time anything happens to her?”
  • Desperate to get to the point, John demanded an answer from his mother. “Just tell me what I want to know. The police have interfered with the matter now, but there is still time for me to do something to keep you out of trouble if you are behind this. Otherwise, we’ll just keep investigating the matter.”
  • Matilda said in a serious manner, “I didn’t do it!”
  • “Alright, then I’ll not interfere,” John said before he directly hung up the call. Upon hearing Matilda’s insistent denial, John started to believe in his mother’s innocence as he was able to feel her rage over the phone. My mother wouldn’t lie if she really did that to Sophia. Instead, she would admit it and justify her mistake at the same time. Soon, he put down his phone and wondered who else it could be besides Matilda.
  • Sophia has a short fuse, but she doesn’t have a lot of friends either, which makes it less likely for her to step on anyone’s toes. With a pair of furrowed brows on his face, John realized that his relationship issue was actually far more serious than he thought it was. That night, John and Logan decided to stay in Sophia’s place, whereas Zack had to leave because he still had work the next day. Since John was likely not able to show up for work on time, Zack was expected to fill in for him until he came. Therefore, he decided not to stick around for the night.
  • At the same time, Sophia was up all night in her room while waiting for the news. The following morning, the police called John and informed him that Robin had been found in the middle of the night. After that, he quickly scuttled upstairs to tell Sophia about the news, whereupon she immediately sprang from her bed. “Where is she now? I want to see her!” Without even getting changed, she hopped into John’s car directly and set off for the police station.
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