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Chapter 491 I’m Happy About My Current Life

  • Old Mrs. Constance sighed as she closed her eyes to pick a tarot card. Soon, the High Priest held that card in his hand, turning around before he sat in a wooden chair.
  • Meanwhile, Sophia shifted her eyes elsewhere, realizing the chamber’s door to be made of bamboo with a vintage appearance. She then secretly walked out of the chamber and stood at the entrance while gazing at the quiet backyard with barely any visitors.
  • Sophia continued to wait a little longer, but when she noticed nothing new in the chamber, she decided to head down the brick path until she reached a corner where she saw a main hall on the left. Then, she saw a few priests talking to a pious follower who appeared to react solemnly and courteously.
  • Observing their interaction, Sophia stood in place for a few seconds until the follower turned around. Nonetheless, she didn’t move but instead stared at the latter, who turned out to be John. After that, the man slowly walked down the stairs at the main hall entrance toward Sophia. “Is my grandma still in there?”
  • Sophia responded with an affirmative hum and replied, “She is in there, asking the High Priest about your marriage life in the future.” Judging from his casual appearance, I doubt he didn’t come here directly from his office. Not long after that, Sophia added, “Old Mrs. Constance said you couldn’t come because you were busy, but it looks like you’re not as busy as she said.”
  • John smiled and said, “I managed to find time and come here.” Considering the circumstance that she was in, she restrained herself from losing her temper even though she knew Old Mrs. Constance had an ulterior motive in taking her here. Soon, she heard the choir once more. Feeling calmer, she felt as if she could think and analyze more rationally.
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