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Chapter 481 I Saw John’s Mom at the Hospital

  • Matilda pursed her lips and stared at Sophia with a reluctant expression, but her tone was friendler compared to before. “Why are you here?”
  • Sophia totally ignored Matilda, but the latter dared not provoke Sophia nowadays because Sophia held a weapon—the knowledge of her divorce. Then, Isabelle glanced at Sophia before turning to look at Matilda, who was acting quite differently than before, to Isabelle’s surprise.
  • Ignoring the two, Sophia simply picked her groceries at the section and left with her cart. When Sophia vanished from Matilda’s sight, Matilda spat, “Who does she think she is? Just another cheap woman. She thinks too highly of herself.”
  • Isabelle smiled gently. “It’s okay. Let’s not get angry at people like her. It’s not worth it.”
  • Now, Matilda had the guts to talk bad about Sophia at her back. “I can’t be bothered to argue with people like her. Do you know that she’s a crazy and uncouth woman who doesn’t care about decency when she argues? Saying one more word in front of her only makes me feel that I’m descending to her level.”
  • “Yeah yeah.” Isabelle smiled and went along with her. “Now that John has divorced her, the Constance Family will have no connection whatsoever with her! Let’s not get angry. We will completely cut her off from our lives.”
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