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Chapter 451 I Don’t Think We Can Continue Being Friends

  • Upon finishing her words, Sophia turned around and walked toward the stairs. “Since you were so generous when we divorced, I thought we could be friends. However, if you go on like this, I don’t think we can continue being friends after all.”
  • John remained silent while Sophia went upstairs. Reaching the second floor, she leaned against the wall. In fact, John was in a state similar to hers when they just divorced. He just didn’t yet understand that it was over between them.
  • Letting out a long sigh, she stared at her shoes for a while and took a peek downstairs. John was nowhere to be seen, and the door in the living room was closed. After giving it a thought, she turned around and returned to her room. Gazing out the window, she saw John in the garden. With one hand tucked in his pocket, John was holding a cigarette between the fingers of his other hand. When he was done smoking, he whirled around and took a look at Sophia’s room.
  • Seeing that, Sophia hurriedly took a few steps back. At that instant, she had no idea how to describe her feelings. Although she was a little happy when John was pestering her, she was still annoyed most of the time. If they went on like this, none of them could start a new page in their lives.
  • After washing up in the bathroom, she decided to pay a visit to her shop. She had told Robin to go to the shop with her to see what else they needed to buy since they had to get the shop ready in two days.
  • Upon getting changed, she went near the window and saw that John was gone. Heaving a sigh of relief, she went downstairs and left the house. The moment she stepped out of the house, Logan arrived in his car. Without getting out of the car, he beckoned to her. “Come on. There’s something interesting I need to show you.”
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