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Chapter 299 Uncle Owen’s Birthday Wish

  • Mrs. Constance's face flushed as her eyes widened to the size of golf balls.
  • Since the other three families at the dining table were not so close to the Main Constance Family, no one helped put in a good word for Mrs. Constance despite witnessing her being reprimanded by Old Mrs. Constance and William.
  • Everyone only glanced at her every now and then, as though they were watching a good show.
  • Therefore, Mrs. Constance could only purse her mouth as her chest was heaving aggressively.
  • Nevertheless, she didn't dare to act rashly on such an occasion, so she could only swallow all her grievances.
  • Isabelle also felt very awkward in the face of the other diners, although she was not as embarrassed as Mrs. Constance.
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