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Chapter 234 Logan’s Call

  • He must have been feeling guilty, since Sally was after him, so Sophia was dragged into this. After telling him that she was fine, John continued, “What’s up with the Morgans after that?”
  • “What else?” Logan was vexed at the mention of that. Because of his friendship with Ian, the other Morgans were his enemies. They fought a few times, but the Morgans kept finding trouble with Ian.
  • Those guys never learned their lesson. Logan did ask his grandfather to go against the Morgans, but the old man simply glared at him and scolded, “Nonsense! Business is all about profit! You can’t ruin someone’s company because you don’t like them! If you’re so reckless, you’ll be ruined before you can do anything to them.” Thanks to that, all Logan could do was yell at the Morgans.
  • John laughed when he heard Logan’s story. “I have an idea.”
  • Meanwhile, Sophia couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, and finally, she went down. However, she was surprised to see who was there. John was there, as usual, but Logan was sitting across from him, still dressed in that robe he wore to the Morgan Residence, and the gold chain around his neck still looked jarring as usual. “Oh, what brought you here? Me? Did you bring any gifts for me?”
  • Logan looked back at her and grinned. “Gifts? We’re good friends, so no need for gifts.”
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