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Chapter 1822 Peter’s Apology

  • Cindy rolled over, put the phone to her ear, and closed her eyes again. “Yes, she stopped our car, but I don't know what the conversation was like because I wasn’t the one who talked to her."
  • With that said, Peter also understood, but he was in no position to ask what they had talked about. The purpose of him making this call was just to apologize. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect her to find you and cause you trouble."
  • Cindy didn't think it was Peter's problem. Relationships were the most complicated thing, and the division of responsibilities was not easy. She smiled and said, "It's not too much trouble, so don’t you take it to heart. Besides, we'll be leaving tomorrow, so this should be the end of the matter."
  • Peter was a little surprised. "Are you leaving here tomorrow?"
  • “Yes.” As that girl knew their identities, Peter should know too. So, she didn't plan to hide it and simply said, "Everything here has been dealt with, and Ian's work needs to be on the right track. Therefore, we must leave."
  • Peter grunted and said, "Ah, yes, yes."
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