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Chapter 1815 Sean’s Mother

  • Perhaps he had already made some other plans for the distribution of assets in the will. It was just that everything needed an opportunity, so the old man pretended to be sick and was discharged from the hospital. Ian sighed and said, “I can only say that I hope he finally figured it out.”
  • Logan nodded and was silent for a while before he asked, “What is Sean’s opinion? I read the news before and saw that you two managed the funeral together. He should have changed his attitude toward you.”
  • Sean had an attitude of indifference toward Ian before as if he was reluctant to be bothered by Ian. However, this time, he had allowed Ian to do many things, so his attitude toward Ian should have already changed.
  • Ian thought for a while and said, “My relationship with him has indeed eased up a bit. It's not easy for him to live his life. Moreover, he is still single at his age, so there isn’t exactly anyone for him to talk to relieve his boredom in life.”
  • Logan agreed before he said, “If he doesn’t make things difficult for you, I won't bother with him. Otherwise, I’ll fight him and see what means he has.”
  • At this time, Aurora came over from the side. “Actually, that child did not have it easy.”
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