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Chapter 1814 I’ll Kick up a Fuss

  • When he heard that Logan meant to come over, Ian’s voice was mild as he said, “Okay, since you also know where I live, just come over directly.”
  • After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Cindy before adding, “We'll talk about what you want to say when you come over."
  • He then leaned over and kissed Cindy's forehead after hanging up the phone. “Why do you have such an expression?”
  • Cindy shrugged. “I'm just worried about you.”
  • Ian replied with a chuckle, “There is nothing to worry about me. I'm fine.”
  • Logan arrived nearly 20 minutes later and he came alone. When she saw him alone, Cindy couldn't help but look behind him and asked, “Didn’t Lola come along?”
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