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Chapter 1716 Was It Sean’s Work?

  • Cindy quickly took the phone to check out the news and found that the number of views wasn’t quite high. In the news, someone reported seeing Ian and her at the entrance of the hospital, which happened to be where Bryce had been admitted to. Hence, that person speculated that Ian had brought Cindy to the hospital to visit Bryce.
  • The whole article was based solely on someone’s random statement without providing any concrete evidence.
  • Cindy raised her head and looked at Ian. “Is this the work of someone under the company’s instruction?”
  • Ian took out his phone to browse the online news before shaking his head. “It doesn’t seem like it.” His gut feeling was that it was Sean’s doing.
  • If it was done by the company, instead of just launching a mini attack, they would have grabbed the opportunity to reveal everything that they had on hand. On top of that, based on the number of views, it did not conform to the company’s usual style.
  • Therefore, Ian rose to his full height and stated, “Give me a minute. Let me make a call.” With that, he returned to the room and directly called Sean.
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