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Chapter 1694 Ian’s Flirting Game

  • Ian stared at the flush that had crept all the way up to Cindy’s ears and chuckled, then asked, “Do you want to try playing a round on your own?”
  • Cindy swallowed and quickly agreed.
  • Looking pleased, Ian turned to pull a chair up to the gaming machine, and he sat there watching her play the game in silence.
  • While he was no longer standing behind her, he still sat close enough to her to make her heart skitter and her breath come up short.
  • She wasn’t an expert when it came to games, and coupled with how distracted she had been when Ian explained the basics of the game to her earlier, it didn’t take long before her avatar died this round.
  • Seeing this, Ian let out a low chuckle, which made blood rush to her face.
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