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Chapter 1635 Let’s Just Wait It Out

  • As expected, he couldn’t handle it either.
  • Cindy paused in her steps but finally went toward Ian. As she got a little closer, he heard her and turned to look at her with a flat expression. “You can’t handle it in there?”
  • Cindy returned with a question of her own, asking, “You can’t either?”
  • Ian chuckled a little. "Well, I’ve never been interested in this stuff in the first place.”
  • He had faced too many cameras in his life, so much so that he lost any empathy he used to have while watching movies. In fact, he would keep thinking about the whole lot of staff off-camera. In his opinion, all the scenes with their strong emotions were fake.
  • Turning around, Cindy leaned against the wall like him and replied, "I don't really like watching such stuff either." Then, she added, "Mrs. Morgan is still inside?"
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