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Chapter 1608 Aurora’s Back

  • Money was often at the heart of all the nasty things that occurred in rich families. Parents, siblings, grandchildren—all of them would turn against each other for the sake of money.
  • Sophia nodded thoughtfully. She recalled the little village she used to live in. I guess there isn’t much that happened there since we were all poor. Everyone was kind toward each other. However, she then thought about Walter. Well, everyone else might be simple and honest, but there’ll always be that one person who’s especially sh*tty.
  • After two more rounds of poker, Lola had to stop as her belly was making her feel uncomfortable. All of them stopped and moved into another room where there was a bed prepared for Lola.
  • Sophia beamed. “You sure take great care of your wife.”
  • Logan helped Lola up onto the bed so that she could get some rest. “Of course. The baby in there is my baby, so they’re both my responsibilities. Why didn’t you bring your little one out? That kid looks like a ball of meat now—he’s a really likable child.”
  • Sophia rested against the couch. “I’d have to bring all sorts of other bags and items if I bring my baby out. I never knew how troublesome it was to bring a kid out in the past.”
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