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Chapter 160 When I’m Vexed, No One Else Is to Be Happy

  • After rolling around for a while, drowsiness inundated Sophia since she got up early this morning. Hugging John’s blanket, she then closed her eyes and dozed off groggily. After some time, she roused groggily as well. She slowly sat up and perked up her ears, listening to the two people talking outside, a man and a woman, their voices distinct.
  • Smirking, she languidly got out of bed and padded to the small closet at the side barefooted. A few of John’s shirts hung in the closet, all of the same type—shirt, suit, and the like. She took a shirt out and promptly stripped before slipping on the shirt. There was a mirror in the closet, and she unbuttoned two buttons at the collar after looking at her reflection in the mirror. Hmm, this looks much more sultry.
  • Ruffling her hair, she then walked over to the door. She pushed open the door gently and even symbolically rubbed her eyes while whining, “John, I’m thirsty. The food during lunch was just too salty. Do you have water here?”
  • All the once, the voices outside ceased. Squinting, Sophia gazed at them and stared intently. John’s expression was unruffled, but Isabelle, who was at the side, had several expressions flashing across her face. Sounding slightly panicked, Sophia exclaimed, “You have a guest?”
  • John stared at her for a few heartbeats. “Go and get changed.” Murmuring an acquiescence, Sophia retreated back into the bedroom. When she’d closed the door, the panic on her face vanished in a puff of smoke. All smiles, she even hummed softly as she changed into her clothes.
  • When she went out again, Isabelle’s expression was much more composed as she sat on the sofa with a glass of water before her. There was also a glass of water on John’s desk, so Sophia went right over and picked it up, taking several gulps without even asking for permission. This is John’s glass, so he’ll probably toss it after I’d used it. She smirked. No matter. I don’t care. I’m just vexed now, vexation swamping me whenever I see Isabelle Bailey. And when I’m vexed, no one else is allowed to be happy!
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