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Chapter 158 I’m Incompatible With Sophia

  • It didn’t seem as though there was any awkwardness on Ian’s part, for he outright asked, “Where’s Sophia?”
  • Turning partly, John glanced out the office, but he didn’t see any sign of Sophia and Zack. Thus, he answered, “She stepped out. Is anything the matter?”
  • Is anything the matter? After thinking for a moment, Ian said, “I’ll call her back later, then.” After saying that, he hung up right away.
  • Holding Sophia’s cell phone, John stared at it for a long while before snorting indifferently. He must be aware of my relationship with Sophia, else he wouldn’t have been so composed. Whoever places a call only to be answered by the callee’s husband will be slightly discomfited, but not him. Besides, he felt that Sophia must have told Ian that they were divorced judging from Ian’s interaction with her. She really trusts him, huh? He then tossed the cell phone back onto the sofa without deleting the call history.
  • He’d just returned to his desk and taken his seat when Sophia and Zack came back. Zack ordered quite a lot of food, and the two of them laid out the food on the coffee table across the sofa. As Sophia laid out the tableware, she urged John, “Come and eat. Hmm, you didn’t eat in the morning, so don’t tell me you haven’t eaten anything until now?”
  • Stilling briefly, Zack stole a peek at her. Then, he exclaimed, “He didn’t eat breakfast? If so, he hasn’t eaten anything until now. He’s been busy ever since he came. Ah well, he isn’t a robot, so his body won’t be able to take it.”
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