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Chapter 157 I’m John Constance

  • Sophia, however, didn’t notice John’s subtle action, merely staring at him seriously. “I find it truly strange that he knew me when I rarely go out.”
  • Schooling his expression, John asked calmly, “You went to his house?”
  • Sophia nodded and even blurted out the location of Ian’s house outright. “It was a rather huge house. His family must be exceedingly affluent since it’s right in the city center.”
  • The moment John heard the location, he knew which family it was. Lowering his head, he put away the documents on his desk. “It should be the Morgan Family, then.”
  • Sophia blinked. “Yes, yes, his first name is Morgan. You’re acquainted with him?”
  • John murmured an affirmation. “I once saw the patriarch of the Morgan Family, Old Mr. Morgan, when I was entertaining clients. We’re not acquaintances per se since there are no business dealings between us.” The Morgan Family is in investment, and they seem to be doing rather well, but… He fixed his gaze on her. “From a friend’s perspective, I’d advise you to keep your distance from this family.”
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