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Chapter 1564 Ian’s Reservations

  • Ian hesitated for a moment before answering the phone. In reality, he knew very well what Yulia was going to say, especially after what had happened today. With the tide of popular opinion turning against her, she was probably calling him to figure out how to salvage her reputation.
  • After Ian answered the phone, Yulia first asked, “Did I wake you up?”
  • Ian deliberately lowered his voice. “It’s okay. I’ve left the room. She’s still asleep.”
  • Yulia fell silent for a moment before saying, “I really shouldn’t have bothered you at such a late hour, but there’s something I’d like to discuss with you.”
  • Ian replied, “Sure. Go ahead.”
  • Yulia exhaled before saying in a relaxed tone, “I didn’t expect the incident to have such huge repercussions online. I wanted to issue my statement earlier, but the magazine publisher was concerned about the possible consequences. They kept revising the statement, fearing that any inappropriate remark would be seized upon and made an issue out of, yet things have now gotten into such a state. With someone fanning the flames online, the tide of popular opinion is already getting out of control. Even though it doesn’t have much impact on me, the magazine publisher has a lot to consider. So I’m wondering if you could hold a press conference for Cindy and me to step forward and explain the matter this time.” After a moment’s pause, she added, “It’ll be better if Mrs. Morgan can be present too.”
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