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Chapter 1546 Ian’s Disappearance for the Entire Afternoon

  • Naomi was thumping her fist on her chest. “Why do they bully single people like me? When I was working, I saw them showing off their relationship. After work, I have to look at you showing off. It seems like I’m doomed!”
  • Cindy, however, refuted in a small voice, “Since when have I done that? You are making everything up in your mind.”
  • In order to prevent Naomi from retaliating and continuing the pointless conversation, Cindy quickly brought up the main topic and asked, “What time are you getting off work today? Do you want to have dinner at my place?”
  • Naomi felt a little shy upon hearing that. “I can’t always have free food at your place. Wouldn’t that affect your alone time with Ian? If I’m always at your place, I’m sure he will be annoyed with me.”
  • Cindy chuckled and reassured, “Don’t worry about it. His mother always comes over for dinner and we don’t have much alone time to begin with. You are overthinking things.”
  • After a moment of hesitation, Naomi probably felt that being alone was rather boring, so she conceded, “Alright, then. I’ll go over after work today.” Thereafter, she had something else to work on, so she hung up quickly.
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