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Chapter 1526 Cindy’s Back

  • Cindy then went to take a look at her own room and found that nothing had changed, although she had no idea what she was actually looking for. After a quick look around, she finally put down her luggage and went to the kitchen.
  • Much to her surprise, there was quite a huge change in the kitchen, which indicated that it was frequently used in the past two days. The kitchen wasn’t as clean as it had been when she was around and many items were not in its original position.
  • After giving it some thought, Cindy folded her sleeves and tidied up the kitchen. Then, she went to water the plants and cleaned the living room. Last but not least, she went to Ian’s room and helped him to change his bedsheets before taking the dirty one to the laundry. After all that, she washed some fruits before she sat on the couch with her legs crossed and switched on the television.
  • As there was nothing Cindy wanted to watch in particular, she found herself tuning into a show with Ian on it. It was a variety show that Ian had filmed some time ago, which required him to run and jump around.
  • If she was an ordinary audience, she would have laughed along with the funny scenes. Now that she wasn’t a mere audience member, she furrowed her brows when she saw the content of the games in the show. The games seemed so tiring, she sighed, realizing that being a celebrity was not easy at all.
  • Nevertheless, come to think of it, making money has never been easy. Celebrities are able to make a lot of money after an exhausting day, but the money that I manage to earn after working myself to the bone for a month is not even one-tenth of what they get. Upon having such thoughts, Cindy felt especially sorry for herself and sighed while leaning against the couch.
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