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Chapter 1472 Aurora’s Sorrows

  • Ian blinked his eyes. For a moment, he really didn’t know how to explain this.
  • Aurora changed her shoes at the door as she continued, “I think Cindy is a nice lady. I don’t know what has gone wrong between you two, but you’d better not be too choosy if her family background isn’t the only thing you’re particular about.” After changing her shoes, she opened the door and left.
  • Ian knitted his brows as he didn’t understand what the last part of Aurora’s speech meant. Was she speaking up for Cindy?
  • He waited for some time before Cindy woke up as well. She came out of the room, looked around, and asked, “Has Mrs. Morgan gone looking for a house?”
  • Ian nodded. “She left just a moment ago. I don’t know whether she’ll come back later, though.”
  • Cindy pulled her hair as she felt somewhat uneasy. “How about we just tell her the truth? I think we’ll give ourselves away sooner or later. This feels so uncomfortable.”
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