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Chapter 1460 Aurora’s Resolution

  • Aurora didn’t seem to be brooding over this, for she had probably gotten used to responding to everything with an air of nonchalance. With a double-handed slap on her thigh, she said, “I need a chance to become popular again. I also want to prove that I got into my present state not because my abilities are out of date, but because Bryce had failed me.”
  • Ian felt even more uncomfortable at the mention of Bryce. Aurora wasn’t the only woman Bryce had failed; he had failed many women and several of his children. However, he had no intention of regretting it so far, nor did he feel that he had sinned against anyone. Instead, he thought he was the one who had been taken most advantage of. He had kept so many mistresses, all of whom had spent a lot of his money, whereas his children grew up being admired and lauded to the skies because of his reputation. He felt he had done enough.
  • Moreover, Bryce had never suffered any setbacks in his life. The Morgan Group was a family company, a property left behind by his forefathers. As a result, he had lived a life of prosperity since childhood and was particularly successful in his studies and later in his running of the company. One might as well say that his life was smooth sailing since everything he wanted would eventually come into his possession. This resulted in his particularly conceited personality, for he never listened to anyone. To him, whatever anyone said was always inferior to what he thought.
  • Ian was filled with disgust whenever he thought of this. Bryce had done many things in his life that he should’ve been ashamed of, so why should he be able to enjoy a life blessed with good fortune?
  • Aurora looked up at Ian. “Now that I have said everything I wanted to say, I have nothing else to hide from you.”
  • Cindy came out of the kitchen just in time—the food was ready after she microwaved it in the microwave oven. She served the food on the table and said, “The food’s ready.” Not only that, she was attentive enough to brew a cup of scented tea and served it next to the food.
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