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Chapter 1369 I’m Going to Be a Father

  • Failing to stifle her laughter, Lola doubled over. “How shameless! Don’t ever say this in front of others, for it’ll only make you seem a pervert.”
  • Logan snorted, a tad snobbish. “I won’t even say it if others want to hear it.”
  • “Have you told Ian about this?” Lola reminded him.
  • Upon hearing her words, Logan abruptly sat up. “Oh yes! I haven’t told Ian. How could I have forgotten this?” Mainly, it was because he was peeved by Sophia’s response. He initially planned to tell Ian after telling Sophia and John, but Sophia messed up his plans, vexing him so much that he’d completely forgotten what he was going to do.
  • Taking out his cell phone, he gave Ian a call. As it was late, Ian wasn’t busy anymore, so he picked up the call a while later. Logan truly couldn’t help himself, snickering before he’d even said a single word. At this, Ian simply asked, “What is it? Do you have good news to tell me?”
  • This time, Logan decided to say it outright without trying to create any suspense. If he manages to guess it again like Sophia, then it’ll be pointless. Thus, he grunted in affirmation. “I do have something to share with you. Ian, I’m going to be a father!”
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