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Chapter 1329 Jasmine Attends Logan’s Wedding Reception

  • At the mention of her boyfriend, Jasmine looked even more uncomfortable now. “We just got together.”
  • Nodding, Lola explained, “I know. You don’t need to explain anything. I’m not doubting you, and I think you two look pretty good together.” She continued, “Call your boyfriend and tell him to come over so that we can have a drink together. You’re a friend after all, so there is nothing to feel awkward about.”
  • Pursing her mouth, Jasmine didn't move. Seeing that the girl did not reply, Lola laughed and said, “Why are you so reserved? I thought you should be comfortable around me.”
  • Jasmine stared at the various dresses hanging on the side and commented after a long while, “He is really kind to you.”
  • “Well, I’m married to him now, so of course he should be,” Lola said matter-of-factly. She didn’t talk to Jasmine much but took out her phone and called Sophia.
  • Meanwhile, Sophia was still suffering from her contractions, lying on the bed groaning in pain and wanting to cry. Therefore, John was the one who answered Lola’s call. He suppressed his voice as much as possible. “Miss Hunt.”
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