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Chapter 1277 Relationships Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

  • Considering that he sounded considerably loud, Logan figured that Lola was already asleep, since there was no reply.
  • Sitting on his bed, he rolled his shoulders for a bit. Honestly, he didn’t mean to come back this late, as he really was caught up with something.
  • Letting out a heavy sigh, Logan felt a little disappointed inside, but in the end, he drifted off to sleep.
  • Throughout the night, Lola didn’t manage to get proper sleep, and she woke up rather early the next day.
  • Opening the door, Lola took a quick glance at the living hall, and noticed that Logan was already up. Standing in the kitchen on his own, he was seen reheating the leftovers from the previous day.
  • The moment Logan saw that Lola was awake, he walked out of the kitchen hurriedly. “Lola, you’re up. Go get yourself a quick wash while I get the food ready. Once we’re done eating, I’ll send you to work.”
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