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Chapter 120 I Don’t Love Her

  • They spent the night going at it nonstop, causing them to wake up late the next day. Old Mrs. Constance and Mrs. Constance were downstairs, surprised when the servant said both of them hadn't come down yet. They could understand it if it was Sophia, but John had never slept in.
  • Mrs. Constance was worried her son might be unwell, so she stood up. “I’ll take a look upstairs.”
  • “Of course.” Old Mrs. Constance nodded.
  • Mrs. Constance quickly went up, and both of their rooms’ doors were closed. Firstly, she went to knock on John’s room’s door and lowered her voice as she called, “Are you awake, John? Do you feel unwell anywhere?” However, nobody came to take the door, though Sophia’s room’s door was opened instead.
  • John came out while buttoning his shirt. “I slept in,” he said hoarsely. Mrs. Constance was petrified, but John ignored her and went to his room’s bathroom.
  • Mrs. Constance’s jaw almost dropped to the floor as she looked at John, then at Sophia’s room. Even though John had closed the door, Mrs. Constance didn’t give up, so she opened it quietly and looked inside. Sophia was in bed, covered in a blanket, obviously sleeping. They were alone in a room last night? Something must have happened. Her expression changed, then she quickly went into John’s room. “W-Why were you in Sophia’s room last night?”
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