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Chapter 1196 You’re Too Good to Me

  • After a brief moment of hesitation, Robin expounded, “It’s really easy for some young girls who have never seen much of the world to get infatuated with you. Perhaps it’s because you’ve got too strong a presence. Or it could be due to the fact that you’re also good to the friends of the person whom you love.”
  • The final remark of him being good to the friends of the person whom he loved had him stopping short. Slowly, he put away his smile.
  • Robin inhaled deeply. “Actually, I know there are some things I shouldn’t be saying, but… how should I put this? I just want to give voice to it when I’ve once harbored feelings for someone. It’s truly suffocating to always keep it bottled up within me.”
  • Her feelings for John had tormented her for a long time. As she could only keep those feelings within herself, it stifled her so greatly that she couldn’t even breathe. While she no longer had any feelings for him now, melancholy assailed her whenever she thought of those days. She merely liked someone, but it was as though she’d done something shameful that she had to conceal from the light of day.
  • A few heartbeats later, she giggled. “Fortunately, I knew to give up and turn back when I hit a wall. Now, I only have eyes for my husband.” Staring at him, she added, “I also wish you and Sophia well. May you two share a lifetime of happiness.”
  • John pursed his lips. A good while later, he thanked her. After having said as much, there didn’t seem to be any more need for pleasantries. Getting to his feet, he took his leave, saying that Sophia was still waiting for him at home.
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