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Chapter 119 Why Can’t You Just Fall for Me

  • Sophia was slow in her reaction and only looked back after a few moments. When she saw John at the doorstep, she smiled and wobbled to him. “Do you want to drink? Here, I saved some for you. I knew you would come.”
  • John looked around and saw the glass by the bed that was filled with wine, while the bottle was empty. It was rolling on the floor, while the snacks were only half eaten. The rest were splattered everywhere. Sophia went over and held the door. “Come in if you want to have a drink.” She reeked of alcohol.
  • John held the doorknob tighter. D*mn, this is taking my all to hold it down. She really does know how to flirt.
  • Sophia chuckled. “Don’t be shy.” She then pulled him into the room by the collar, and she closed the door. Since Sophia was wobbling, she leaned against the door as she mentioned, “That’s the last glass. Miss it, and you won’t have any more to drink.”
  • John turned away. “You’re drunk.”
  • Sophia admitted it, then she pounced on the bed and rolled around. “It helps me sleep, see.” The pajamas were revealing in the first place, and now she revealed all her skin.
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