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Chapter 1187 Logan’s Friend

  • Before Lola had finished speaking, Mr. Hunt turned to Logan. “I hope she didn’t cause any trouble for your family when she went over to your house.”
  • “No, no, not at all. My sister even urged her to visit my house again when she’s free and has been nagging me about bringing her back since she hasn’t been over recently.”
  • Mr. Hunt nodded. His family seems to treat her rather well, so there’s probably nothing to worry about when they date in the future.
  • Lola couldn’t quite take it anymore. Are these two people going to ignore me completely? Peeved, she swiftly stalked down the mountain, snorting as she walked. Why on earth does Dad like him so much? I wonder if he’d regret it if he were to know how despicable he was in the past.
  • The three of them ambled home. When they were a distance away, Logan spotted a car parked in front of Lola’s house. Thus, he hurried over.
  • Mrs. Hunt was standing in the courtyard with a man. Turning, the man promptly grinned when he caught sight of Logan, trotting over to him. “Why are you in such a place, Young Master Jefferson?”
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