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Chapter 1016 Logan’s Date

  • Lola immediately moved to the side to stay away from Logan. After adjusting her clothes, she chided, “You are a shameless pervert! If my arm weren’t injured, you wouldn’t have stood a chance to defeat me.”
  • Without refuting her, Logan chuckled and opened the door. Upon stepping out of the room, he said, “If you’re not interested in seeing my treasures, then I won’t show you. For now, why don’t we grab something to eat?”
  • After he left, Lola tidied her hair and patted her face. She never had such close physical contact with Logan before. For some reason, she couldn’t cast away the embarrassment she felt in her heart. This man has become bolder recently. He has the guts to do just about anything now!
  • A few minutes later, Logan shouted from the corridor, “Are you coming for the meal? Come on, chop-chop!”
  • Coming to her senses, Lola left the room and followed him. Because of what happened earlier, they never talked to each other during the meal.
  • Normally, Logan was a talkative person, but he was quiet on this day. Since no one was talking, the meal ended pretty quickly.
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