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Chapter 9

  • Kiara:
  • “Is there anything that you need, Mr. Adrian?” I asked smiling. Having brought Mr. Adrian his coffee, he smiled and shook his head, the man was a decent, well controlled human who treated his workers justly. At least that was the case with me, I have been working here for a whole month and so far everything has been going great.
  • “Thank you, Kiara” he said softly and I smiled. Heading toward the door, I was stopped by a question that took me off guard “what is your major, Kiara?”
  • “Sorry?” I asked frowning in confusion.
  • “University, what did you study?”
  • “I-“ I looked down at my feet, embarrassed of his question. Everyone here had a degree when I barely finished high school, having been forced to leave home when I was eighteen. Mum had sent Grace with me to London and the two of us were forced to struggle to stay on our feet, I have been working since to ensure that my sister completed her studies “I don’t have one, Mr. Adrian”
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