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Chapter 25

  • Kiara:
  • “Welcome home, love” I smiled at my sister who smiled at me. She just entered the house after a long day at work, they had traveled to Scotland yesterday and just came back here.
  • I wrapped my arms around her neck hugging her tightly and she wrapped hers around my waist hugging me back. I had come home from university and prepared dinner for the two of us knowing that she would come home straight after work, and that she’d be hungry. I was glad that she traveled with a proper budget, working at the Brooks’ mansion had paid off at least. I was able to send mum a proper amount that would help her buy herself a few things rather than just live a basic day. I wanted her to spoil herself.
  • “Thank you” Grace smiled pulling away to look me in the eye “how are you? How was your exam?”
  • “I’m fine, it went well. Do you want to go shower, freshen up while I prepare our dinner?” I asked and Grace nodded smiling. I knew how tired she was, I could tell just by her expression that things were hectic on her. She walked to her bedroom while I headed to the kitchen to find my phone ringing, checking the caller ID, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that Thomas was the caller. Having called him earlier, but he didn’t answer, therefore I knew that he’d be calling me a while after that.
  • “Hello, love” he said as soon as I answered the phone.
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