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Chapter 22

  • Thomas:
  • “What is this place?” Kiara asked and I smiled opening the door for her. I had rented a small place at one of the gardens for the two of us to have lunch together in private, knowing that mum had done her best to separate us the first time she found out about us being together. I didn’t want her finding out about it just yet. Not at least until Kiara trusted being seen with me again and trusted me to begin with.
  • “Well, knowing you, you’re still angry with me. You know about mum being the reason the two of us couldn’t be together, not to mention that you’re angry with me not fighting for you. Therefore, anything I’ll be doing now would be to make it up to you” I said not answering her question just yet.
  • “You doing this won’t change anything, Thomas. You not fighting for me against your mum is something. However. That’s not what is upsetting me” Kiara said looking at me. I frowned in confusion not understanding where she was taking the conversation, and she sighed shaking her head “Thomas, if you’re doing this for us to get back together. Please, don’t, us getting back together would be almost impossible after everything we’ve lived”
  • “There is nothing called impossible, love”
  • “Thomas, your mum doesn’t even want us being together, and I can’t get between the two of you” Kiara said looking me in the eye “look, it’s a beautiful place and I haven’t even entered it. I know you put an effort making this possible, but me and you being together would be like uniting two puzzles that don’t fit. It would end up hurting the two of us”
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