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Chapter 26

  • Thomas:
  • I paced around my room not sure what to do.
  • I couldn’t believe that dad actually kicked me out of the company because of what Nathan told him. His words against mine made me look small in front of dad, and seeing that dad actually trusted him and ignored me, ignored everything I tried telling him, hurt me more than I could think of mentioning or describing. Kiara called me again. The girl was probably going mad at my sudden disappearance, especially since she’s been trying to reach me since last night.
  • I didn’t answer her though. I still needed time to process what had happened, the fact that dad was at work instead of me probably shook her up. Seeing that I wasn’t answering her calls made her worry more than she would dare let out at work. But I knew that she wouldn’t be at peace until she at least heard something from me.
  • Therefore, taking out my phone, I texted her.
  • “I’m fine, love. Just give me a bit and I’ll call you back”
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